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SIIM Annual Meeting 2019

2019 26 Jun

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IMAGING Management

Teaching radiologists machine learning - AI

2018 11 Dec

Radiology is being transformed by the exponential growth of machine learning and continuously emerging technologies like deep learning, part of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution in the imaging field.  Medical imaging and operations applications are transformed as new methods and algorithms are introduced into radiology’s daily practice. ... Read more

IMAGING Management

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine - SIIM 2018 Annual Meeting

2018 31 May

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IMAGING Management

SIIM 2016

2016 29 Jun

SIIM 2016 will drive change. Informaticists have the opportunity to provide strategic enterprise imaging direction combined with a specialized skill set that helps position them for success within their organization. SIIM 2016 provides education in the core imaging informatics domains, as well as CIIP specific career development, to acquire, manipulate,... Read more