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ICIS Meeting and 15th Annual Teaching Course

2015 05 Oct

The 15th annual course of our Society will focus on practically orientated education of cancer imaging through interactive teaching and the fostering of active learning. Multidisciplinary work practising state of the art and novel imaging techniques will be highlighted in cooperation with the  British Nuclear Medicine Society . Special plenary session... Read more

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Ensuring Radiation Safety in Clinical Trials

2015 18 Jun

Radiation experts in the UK have drawn up a new system to streamline approval process for setting up clinical trials involving radiotherapy and other forms of ionising radiation, such as PET scans. The new system provides a standardised way of assuring that exposure to ionising radiation during clinical trials remains within safe limits, while also... Read more

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PET Scan after Chemo Could Avoid Need for Radiotherapy

2015 23 Apr

A positron-emission tomography (PET) scan immediately after treatment with chemotherapy can identify patients who have a very good outcome without additional radiotherapy, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine . The "RAPID" trial involved 602 Hodgkin lymphoma patients who had a PET scan performed after their chemotherapy.... Read more

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BIR Annual Congress 2015

2015 04 Nov

Divided into two parallel sessions over 2 days, topics include radiation protection issues in molecular imaging and radiotherapy, clinical hybrid imaging in oncology, primers for the non-specialist, emergency radiology—advances in trauma imaging and essentials for the radiology trainee.   Our Annual Congress provides an open and relaxed environment... Read more

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Older Breast Cancer Patients Can Safely Avoid Radiotherapy

2015 01 Feb

Based on an international study, some older women with breast cancer could safely avoid radiotherapy, without harming their chances of survival. Researchers found that older women with early breast cancer who were given breast-conserving surgery and hormone therapy gained very modest benefit from radiotherapy. These findings suggest that a carefully... Read more

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Pelvic Radiotherapy May Benefit Ovarian Cancer Patients

2014 24 Nov

Researchers from Loyola University Health System (LUHS) have found that pelvic radiotherapy (RT) may help treat a rare form of ovarian cancer that can recur in women after surgery and chemotherapy. The study examined 56 patients with ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA), an aggressive form of ovarian cancer that is more likely to be resistant to... Read more

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Assessing Fracture Risk from Bone Radiotherapy

2014 04 Nov

Radiotherapy of the long bones (RTLB) is meant to provide control of symptoms, destroy cancer cells in the treated area and prevent malignant disease-related fractures. Bone radiotherapy is also a useful means of halting tumour proliferation and then triggering osteoblastic activity with osteoproliferation. Bone recalcification after RTLB has been observed... Read more

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Immunotherapy Could Stop Resistance to Radiotherapy

2014 06 Oct

Using immunotherapy and radiotherapy simultaneously to treat cancers could prevent some patients from becoming resistant to treatment, according to researchers from The University of Manchester (England, UK). Combining the two therapies enabled the immune system to hunt down and destroy cancer cells that were not killed by the initial radiotherapy in... Read more

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BIR/Bayer Announces Service Award

2014 15 Sep

The BIR, in partnership with Bayer HealthCare, has launched a new award called the BIR/Bayer “Make it Better” service award.   The award will be given to the group of people who have demonstrated the best improvement in an aspect of service delivery by making it more effective, or have improved patient experience. This might be an innovative design... Read more