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RSNA15: Leading Radiologists Speak on Innovation

2015 24 Nov

Packed plenary sessions at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting attest to the thought-provoking and engaging array of speakers. Sunday 29 November: 08:30-10.15, Arie Crown Theater Get to the Arie Crown Theater early to hear RSNA President, Ronald Arenson , give the President’s Address: Going Boldly into Radiology's Technological... Read more

RSNA15: Innovate to Secure the Future

2015 24 Nov

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) continues to draw delegates from across the globe to Chicago, and next week’s annual meeting promises an opportunity to learn, share knowledge, network, and attend the biggest radiological technical exhibition going.   The 2015 theme is “Innovation is the Key to our Future” and the innovation theme will... Read more

RSNA15: Subsolid Lung Nodules Pose Greater Cancer Risk to Women than Men

2015 24 Nov

A certain type of lung nodule visible on lung cancer screening CT exams is associated with a higher risk of lung cancer for women than men, according to a new study being presented next week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2015) in Chicago. Researchers reviewed data from the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST),... Read more

RSNA15: Smell of Food Activates Impulse Area in Brain

2015 24 Nov

An imaging study shows that the area of the brain associated with impulsivity and the development of obsessive-compulsive disorder is activated in obese children when introduced to food smells. The findings suggest that obesity has a neurological disorder component and could help inform treatment of obese patients. The study, which was led by Dr. Pilar... Read more

RSNA15: 3D MRI Shows Early Signs of Stroke Risk in Diabetic Patients

2015 24 Nov

People with diabetes have a significantly increased risk of strokes with worse outcomes than the non-diabetic population. New research shows that 3D MRI can identify high risk cardiovascular biomarkers, such as intraplaque haemorrhage, in diabetic patients before onset of carotid artery stenosis. The findings are being presented next week at the annual... Read more

At RSNA 2015, Agfa HealthCare Highlights Workflow & Productivity Benefits of its DR 400

2015 23 Nov

DR 400 offers a scalable, customizable and affordable path to direct radiography, without compromises   MUSICA workstation enhances flexibility and efficiency in the radiology department. 10-inch tube head display makes it easy to adapt settings directly in the room, without leaving the patient. Ergonomic design includes automatic... Read more

Agfa HealthCare Highlights the Synergy of its Enterprise Imaging platform with Barco

2015 19 Nov

Together in a "one platform/one display" solution, they allow workflow gains and easy access to productivity tools Enterprise Imaging unified, sophisticated imaging platform includes PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information.   Barco's  elegant, universal  Coronis Uniti  diagnostic display... Read more

Agfa HealthCare Showcases New Features of its Mobile DR Solution at RSNA 2015

2015 18 Nov

With enhanced maneuvrability, high-quality radiology exams can be efficiently performed in mobile environments   FreeView technology makes navigating even easier and safer. New   detectors are available in CsI or GOS technology, including a detector battery charger mounted on the unit. Crystal lead batteries used for powering... Read more

Agfa HealthCare's Services in the Spotlight at RSNA 2015

2015 17 Nov

Tailored service offerings help hospitals manage people, processes and technologies Wide portfolio offers everything from equipment services, to cloud and managed services, to remote monitoring and financial services. Dedicated and expert Services teams support hospitals around the world to meet targets and goals. Hospitals can outsource,... Read more

Agfa HealthCare introduces the DR 600* X-ray room with ZeroForce technology at RSNA 2015

2015 10 Nov

Top-of-the-line DR system offers Agfa HealthCare's newest  automation and design in a complete and integrated solution Fully automated DR 600  streamlines workflow, increases throughput and enhances the experience of both patients and caregivers . ZeroForce Technology offers smooth operation with almost zero effort in movements.... Read more