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KCR Date Forecaster App: Easier Scheduling of Medical Appointments

2014 29 Oct

KCR, the European Contract Research Organisation, has announced the release of its Date Forecaster app. The app provides patients with smart scheduling and automatic reminders for doctor’s appointments and medical examinations. The app will be useful for patients involved in clinical trials, as well as undergoing medical treatment. The app can send... Read more

When Analytics Doesn't Show The Real Picture

2014 28 Jul

Recent changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are intended to further strengthen efforts to improve patient care in the U.S. As a result, hospitals in the country are required to be paid based on how much they improved their patients' health and not on the number of tests and procedures performed. Some data brokers or vendors... Read more

Study: SBAR Tool Improves Team Communication

2014 03 Jun

A team of Canadian researchers investigating the use of a communication tool within an acute healthcare organisation reports that dialogues improved among staff and between staff, patients and their families. Communication was evaluated before and after implementation of the tool, with participants self-reporting their levels of satisfaction. Leadership... Read more

American Healthcare Forecast: Cloudy With A Chance of Innovation

2014 16 May

The National Healthcare Innovation Summit began in Boston on May 14 with a keynote speech by author and consultant Ian Morrison. A specialist in the future of healthcare and its changing business environment, Morrison foresees some storms ahead for American hospital administrators and the people they serve.   The Triple Aim... Read more

Study Investigates Online Physician Rating Sites’ Influence

2014 19 Feb

A new study investigating the US population’s awareness of online physician ratings sites has found that 65% of respondents are aware of these ratings, with roughly one-fourth reporting usage of these sites. The full findings are published in the February 19 issue of JAMA.   Background information in the article states that while patients were... Read more

Legal Aspects of Telemedicine

2013 28 Nov

Author Dr. Jan Schillebeeckx Ehealth stakeholder (European Society of Radiology representative) European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG Connect) Key Points Telemedicine is high on the European political agenda; By 2020 telemedicine will be widely... Read more

Implementing a Diary Programme in Your ICU

2013 15 Aug

Patients recovering from serious illness have been shown to be at risk for developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Studies show that around 1 in 10 patients with an ICU stay of 48 hours or more develop PTSD (Jones et al. 2007).   Since the 1980s, it has been known that patients don’t tend to remember much from their time in ICU and... Read more

Integrating Patient Photos with Imaging Exams

2013 02 Apr

A recent article describes a system for including patient photographs alongside their medical imaging examinations. The authors discuss a specific implementation built around an Android-based system for simultaneously acquiring digital photographs with portable radiographs. By an innovative application of radiofrequency identification technology... Read more