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App Allows Patients To Donate Data To Scientific Research

2015 30 Mar

A new app for people with long-term health ailments, created by a patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, has raised initial funds for a series of studies in the UK and the US. The MyHealthPal app allows people with chronic illnesses to keep track of their symptoms and maintain records of medication doses. It also allows users to donate their anonymised... Read more

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Images Tell the Tail: MRI Detects Parkinson’s Disease

2014 14 May

Researchers at The University of Nottingham have developed a new test for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease using standard scanning equipment common in clinical offices. 3T MRI is employed to scan sub-regions of the brain in search of a group of cells shaped like the tail of a swallow. The image is present in the scans of brains not affected by... Read more

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Study: 7-T MRI Offers Supporting Radiologic Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

2014 05 Mar

Findings of new research published online in the journal Radiology indicate that ultra-high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers detailed views of a brain area implicated in Parkinson’s disease, a discovery which could potentially lead to earlier detection of this condition affecting millions of people globally. A chronic, progressive... Read more