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New PET Project To Improve Early Diagnosis Of Cancer

2016 12 Jun

Researchers in Spain are involved in a European network, headed by CERN, to develop an endoscopic scanner for early diagnosis of some cancers that have a high mortality rate, such as pancreatic cancer that has a mortality rate up to 90 percent nowadays. In spite of the latest advances in cancer detection and diagnosis, some types of cancers... Read more

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Brain Imaging Links Alzheimer’s Decline to Tau Protein

2016 16 May

A buildup of plaque and dysfunctional proteins in the brain are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. While much Alzheimer’s research has focused on accumulation of the protein amyloid beta, researchers have begun to pay closer attention to another protein, tau, long associated with this disease but not studied as thoroughly, in part, because scientists... Read more