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Volume 17 - Issue 5, 2017

2017 09 Nov

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Lab automisation leads to new revenue streams

2017 26 Sep

On a daily basis, some 4,000 to 5,000 vials of blood are analysed at UAB Medicine's main laboratory. This may seem like a daunting task, but the lab's new automation system ensures the multistep process is done without difficulty. With this innovation, it's more like a hands-free operation once the specimens arrive in the laboratory. Automation provides... Read more

Doctor-Innovators: Tips from Top Accelerator Hub

2017 13 Jun

Clinicians are a potential source for innovations that could lead to healthcare quality improvement and reduction in cost. To help clinicians gain expertise in jump-starting new projects, Boston Children's Hospital has launched an internal startup accelerator.   The hospital says it opted to develop the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator... Read more

Taking the Mystery Out of Machine Learning

2017 06 Apr

Radiologists have been taught to fear machine learning.  It means what it says, a machine can learn.  It is an inherently frightening concept.  It is almost a shame to put such a label on the process, because it is not really new.  Remember Fuzzy Logic?  Neural Networks?  We were all impressed that a computer could recognize the letter “A”, but that... Read more

4th GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress 2017

2017 25 Apr

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Paris Healthcare Week 2017

2017 16 May

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E-Health World Monaco

2017 01 Jun

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Experimental Biology 2017

2017 22 Apr

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Zorg & ICT 2017

2017 14 Mar

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AHBS Africa Health Business Symposium

2016 06 Oct

Africa Health Business Ltd. is a Kenyan based company that brings together a team of experts from the healthcare, event planning and design sector in Africa making Africa Health Business the ideal partner in the coordination and organisation of healthcare related events and conferences. Read more