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Executive Health Management

Health Systems Partner to Promote EMS Innovations

2015 10 Jan

Best practices in emergency medical care will be identified and implemented across the US as part of a new project supported by a $225,000 grant. “Promoting Innovations in Emergency Medical Services” is a collaboration between Mount Sinai Health System in New York and the University of California (UC) San Diego Health System. Goals of the project... Read more

Pharmacy Management

Generic Drugs Provide Record Savings

2014 17 Sep

According to a new report by the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA), generic drugs saved the United States health system approximately $239 billion in 2013. This is a 14 percent increase in the cost savings that were achieved in 2012. It is also the largest annual savings from generic drugs to date. The report reveals that generic... Read more

IMAGING Management

BIR/Bayer Announces Service Award

2014 15 Sep

The BIR, in partnership with Bayer HealthCare, has launched a new award called the BIR/Bayer “Make it Better” service award.   The award will be given to the group of people who have demonstrated the best improvement in an aspect of service delivery by making it more effective, or have improved patient experience. This might be an innovative design... Read more

Cardiology Management

Meaningful Innovation - Philips' Commitment to Modern Healthcare

2014 02 Sep

Interview with Duncan Porter, Head of Field Marketing Philips During the Affiniti product launch, you mentioned that Philips wants to play a role in the management of cardiology through leverage of Big Data. How can an equipment-driven company make such a bold statement? There is an explosion of chronic diseases, which makes the current healthcare... Read more

IT Management

MIT 'Medical Hackathon' Model

2014 25 Aug

Medical technology offers enormous potential for scalable medicine — to improve the quality and access in healthcare while simultaneously reducing cost. However, current medical device innovation within companies often only offers incremental advances on existing products, or originates from engineers with limited knowledge of clinical complexities.... Read more

IT Management

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Opens Health Tech Innovation Space

2014 24 Jul

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), aiming to bring new technologies into use at the hospital, recently opened its own innovation space at Blueprint Health Accelerator, a New York City-based co-working space for health tech startups.  NYP's new Innovation Center initially will focus on developing a new portfolio of technology projects, including... Read more

IMAGING Management

First UK Site to Install Siemens' Artis Q Interventional Technology

2014 13 Jul

The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust has become the first site in the UK to invest in the newest interventional radiology innovation from Siemens Healthcare. The Artis Q biplane system, due to be installed later in the year, will provide the hospital with the latest technology to support the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions and... Read more

Executive Health Management

Academic and Clinical Cross-Collaboration at CIMT

2014 20 May

When the MIHealth Forum opens in Barcelona this week, attendees will have access to leading industry experts in the fields of health management and clinical innovation. The two-day event will feature plenary addresses, informative exhibits and small group sessions, which encourage interaction between visitors and the Forum’s International Scientific... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study Finds No Link Between Medtech Innovation and Increase in Health Expenditure

2013 11 Jun

MedTech Europe, the alliance of European Medical Technology Industry Associations, welcomes new research from the European Health Technology Institute (EHTI) confirming that there is no uniform relationship between medtech innovation and an increase in healthcare expenditure.  The impact of medical technology on healthcare costs is a result of... Read more