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ICU Management

Tele-ICU leads to overall reduction in ICU mortality

2019 19 Mar

A new systematic review and meta-analysis has found that implementation of tele-ICU services was associated with an overall reduction in ICU mortality. Furthermore, in subgroup analysis, the pooled odds ratio for ICU mortality suggests a significant benefit in publications with high baseline observed to predicted (O/P) mortality ratios but not... Read more

ICU Management

Renin as marker of tissue-perfusion, predictor of ICU mortality

2019 23 Jan

Researchers in Europe prospectively characterised renin in an ICU population to determine if it performs well as a marker of tissue-perfusion. In a proof-of-concept analysis, they compared renin with lactate as a predictor of ICU mortality. Based on the results, renin served as a useful marker of circulatory function and outperformed lactate in predicting... Read more