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Telemedicine Care Combined with AI: Capabilities and Benefits

2022 08 Jul

An overview of the application of AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled systems in telemedicine and the Comarch healthcare strategy to develop building blocks of this new care system. Key Points The management of chronic disease and geriatric disorders  is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare systems. Telemedicine... Read more

IT Management

2022 01 Jun

The concept of digital healthcare puts patients, their personal needs and demands for convenience and speed at the centre, which is why investing in custom software solutions is such a popular business strategy today. But digitisation in healthcare is so much more than just a passing trend. Instead, it is a vital ingredient of the success of each healthcare... Read more

Executive Health Management

IHEA Healthcare Facilities Management Conference 2022

2022 11 May

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Health Management

The Challenges Facing Healthcare Leaders in 2022

2022 29 Apr

An overview of the challenges faced by the National Health Service (NHS) and measures that can be used to help the NHS deliver and transform care in 2022. Key Points As the immediate demands of the pandemic response diminish, the NHS continues to face unrelenting pressure. The vaccination programme and management of increased demands from... Read more

Health Management

What Are the Best Team Building Practices for Healthcare Organisations?

2022 29 Apr

In an interview with, Dr Aneta Schaap-Oziemlak, the Chief Executive Officer of the Bio-inspired Think Tank in the Leiden BioScience Park and Agile Coach, discusses Agile team-building practices as they apply to healthcare organisations. Key Points Creating a better nurturing environment can help alleviate staffing... Read more

ICU Management

28th ESRA-SPAIN Annual Meeting 2022

2022 28 Sep

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SIDP 2022 Annual Business Meeting

2022 19 Oct

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AMEE 2022

2022 27 Aug

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Executive Health Management

Vitalis Conference 2022

2022 17 May

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