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Think Global, Act Local in Healthcare Communications

2020 30 Nov

The pharmaceutical and medical device sectors strive to deliver global communications strategies relating to their innovative products and how they can benefit patients, their carers and health systems. However, as COVID-19 has once again demonstrated, although we are global citizens, at a country level there is still very much a nationalistic... Read more

Executive Health Management

Forbes 2020 Healthcare Summit

2020 02 Dec

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Health Management

Innovating in Healthcare: Hospital Admissions at Home

2020 22 Oct

Today’s hospitals are not yet the hospitals of the future. Emerging societal challenges are demanding a shift towards hospital care at home. Although telemedicine, like telemonitoring and telerehabilitation, has been getting more popular in recent years, hospital admissions at home are still in their infancy. Current organisational and technological... Read more

Executive Health Management

The 2nd Saudi International Medlab Expo 2021

2021 11 Oct

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IT Management

HealthTech Innovation Days

2020 05 Oct

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ISPOR 2021

2021 17 May

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Executive Health Management

AHA Leadership Summit 2021

2021 28 Jul

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AIMed 2020

2020 09 Dec

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