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Executive Health Management

Novelty vs. Legacy: Finding the Balance

2021 30 Mar

Moderator Christian Lovis  Find Healthmanagement.Org On Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

Vitalis Conference 2021

2021 18 May

Hybrid Event Find Vitalis On Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

National Healthcare CNO Summit 2021

2021 20 Sep

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Executive Health Management

EHMA 2021 Annual Conference

2021 15 Sep

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Health Management

2021 in Healthcare: Snowballing into Future

2021 15 Feb

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalisation in healthcare has become as important as probably never before. Its upgraded role spans across a multitude of areas, from blockchain applications and smart hospitals to patient data protection and vaccine logistics. An expert provides an overview of the most promising trends and technologies... Read more

Health Management

Reset 2021

2021 15 Feb

2020 was an eye-opener for most healthcare systems around the globe. Fighting against the pandemic required new types of skills, leadership and organisation, and new types of support, practices and supply systems. Everything at every level, from global to the most local, has changed and will never be the same. It is the ‘new normal’. As such, 2021... Read more

IMAGING Management

The Devastating Impact of Donald Trump on Healthcare in the U.S.

2021 14 Feb

In a new report, the Lancet Commission reveals that Donald Trump's presidency had devastating effects on every aspect of health in the U.S. This is the first comprehensive review that assesses the damage inflicted by former President Trump. As per the findings of this report, his policy failures resulted in 461,000 unnecessary deaths in the U.S.... Read more

IMAGING Management

Efficient And Effective Collaboration Across Extended Care Teams And Regions

2021 03 Mar

Presented by  Johan Hendrickx, Business Manager Enterprise Imaging  Peter Wilkop, Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager Enterprise Imaging  Willy Rosé, Head of Marketing Europe Find Agfa Healthcare on Social Media       Read more

Executive Health Management

Legionella Conference Virtual Special Session

2021 09 Mar

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Executive Health Management

POLITICO Annual Health Summit 2021

2021 27 Oct