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Health Management

Effective Workforce Transformation

2022 09 Nov

The most important asset for healthcare is healthcare workers. However, this sector faces significant challenges regarding this valuable resource, which have been further exacerbated because of the pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, there will be a  shortfall of 15 million healthcare workers by 2030 . Clearly, the future... Read more

Health Management

Reducing Burnout by Building Resilient Systems

2022 09 Nov

Frontline clinicians are emotionally exhausted, mentally fatigued, and pessimistic about the future, often due to the complex, inefficient environments they work in each day. Solving this requires a systems-based approach to creating highly reliable systems in healthcare. One good place to begin is by making it easier for the frontline to know what... Read more

IT Management

DexCare Appoints Seasoned Software Expert Rick Pittenger to Chief Technology Officer

2022 08 Nov

DexCare , Inc., the leading data-driven intelligence company focused on creating exceptional healthcare access experiences for everyone, has named Rick Pittenger as Chief Technology Officer. Pittenger is an internet and consumer technology veteran and proven leader in the development, deployment and management of large-scale SaaS systems. A key addition... Read more

IT Management

AI-Related Competencies Outlined for Health Professionals

2022 04 Nov

A recent report outlines AI-related clinical competencies for healthcare professionals in aim of establishing how they can best prepare themselves to work with artificial intelligence in a clinical setting.   Responding to the growing practical and ethical concerns around using AI tools, there has been a push to create and establish health AI... Read more

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2023 08 Jul

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Executive Health Management

Global Patient Safety Leader ECRI Names New Chief Technology Officer  

2022 26 Oct

ECRI, an independent, nonprofit health services organization that provides technology solutions and evidence-based guidance to healthcare decision-makers worldwide, has named  Benjamin Dai, MS, TOGAF , its new Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer. Dai has more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in engineering and information... Read more

IT Management

Graphite Health Adds Microsoft Chief Architect for Healthcare to its Advisory Board

2022 20 Oct

Graphite Health , a software company intent on transforming the digital future of healthcare, announced today the addition of Joshua C. Mandel, M.D., Chief Architect for Healthcare at Microsoft, to its advisory board. A physician and software engineer who was the Chief Architect behind SMART Health IT, a four-year $15 million collaboration between... Read more