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Moving From 2D to 3D Ultrasound : The Ease of the Transition is in the User Interface

2016 25 Jan

3D ultrasound imaging has been used for several years especially in high-risk Obstetrics. Perinatologists and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists were among the first to transition to 3D ultrasound and make it a part of their routine exams.  However, the use of 3D ultrasound in the Obstetric office environment has been slower to gain acceptance. The... Read more

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ISUOG 2014: Samsung Medison Unveils Premium US for Women’s Health

2014 16 Sep

Presenting new, redefining premium features in Women’s Health with clinical values   Samsung Medison, a global leader in manufacturing medical devices, has released the latest version of its premium ultrasound system ‘WS80A with Elite’, equipped with advanced diagnostic features and superior image performance based on the WS80A platform. This was announced... Read more

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Gynaecological Ultrasound 2014

2014 30 May

Ultrasound is playing an increasingly important role in gynecology. Important additional information can be added to the physical exam findings when the uterus and ovaries are visualized with ultrasound. This two day course will familiarize you with the skills and techniques needed to obtain diagnostic images. We will begin the course with a lecture... Read more