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ICU Management

Fluid responsiveness in sepsis: the fluid challenge revisiting (FCREV) study

2019 23 May

Fluid challenge is a common practice in the ICU. It is one of the most important resuscitation manoeuvres of acute circulatory failure management in critically ill patients. Adequate fluid resuscitation is very important because both hypovolaemia and fluid overload can result in poor outcomes in the ICU. The criteria for fluid administration... Read more

ICU Management

Fluid Challenge: Its Impact on Fluid Responsiveness

2017 15 Aug

The fluid challenge is considered the gold standard for diagnosis of fluid responsiveness. A new systematic review finds that the duration of the fluid infusion in a fluid challenge has a significant influence on fluid responsiveness – i.e., a rapid infusion increases the proportion of patients with a positive response. However, the type and volume... Read more