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Nomenclature in extracorporeal life support - expert consensus

2018 17 Apr

Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) is a rapidly expanding field. As the technique of ECLS has significantly improved and newer skills developed, complexity in terminology and advances in cannula design led to some misunderstanding and inconsistency in definitions both in clinical practice and scientific research. Thus, the Extracorporeal Life Support... Read more

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EuroELSO 2017 Congress - Extracorporeal Life Support Organization

2017 04 May

EuroELSO is the European branch of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) established in Ann Arbor, MI, USA in 1989. This website has the objective to join all the European health care professionals and scientists who are dedicated to the development and evaluation of novel therapies for support of failing organ systems with extracorporeal... Read more

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Euro-ELSO 2016

2016 01 Jun

EuroELSO was formed in 2011 in Paris to better represent the European ECLS community while still maintaining strong ties with the host ELSO. The aim of EuroELSO is to promote teaching for those delivering ECLS services in Europe. Crucial to this is the annual International Congress. The congress will be held in Glasgow, historically known as Clas-gu... Read more