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IT Management

EXPAND: Key EU Project Presents Findings on Interoperability

2015 27 Nov

An exciting event about the future of interoperability in the European Healthcare sector takes place in Lisbon next week with a focus on assets’ collection and usability plus actions needed to support, prepare and enable Member States to reap the benefits of safe and secure cross-border care. Called the EXPAND Thematic Network, the two-year project has... Read more

IMAGING Management

European MAMMOCARE Project Improves Breast Cancer Diagnosis

2015 30 Oct

MAMMOCARE's new breast biopsy system is guided by 3D real-time PEM (positron emission mammography) imaging, offering real-time guidance and correction of the needle trajectory for higher accuracy and efficiency in tumour sampling. It is the first breast biopsy system in the market offering real-time monitoring and guidance, according to researchers... Read more

ICU Management

Harmonising IC Medical Training in Europe

2015 19 Feb

A commission in the European Union is working on a joint curriculum for intensive care medical training across Europe. The Multiple Joint Committee of Intensive Care Medicine (MJC ICM) has come up with general guidelines for harmonisation of ICM training in Europe, which the member states are now expected to ratify. "United in diversity" is the motto... Read more