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ESC 2014: Toshiba Medical Systems Offers Free Workshops

2014 12 Aug

Toshiba Medical Systems invites you to attend the educational events offered at ESC 2014 in the scientific program and on our booth to learn more about how we are bringing innovation to life. A series of FREE educational sessions are offered for cardiologists throughout ESC 2014 to gain in-depth knowledge and skills on the latest imaging technologies.... Read more

Cardiology Management

FCVB 2014: Atrial Defibrillation Without Electric Shock

2014 07 Jul

Electric shocks are effective in treating atrial fibrillation (AF) but they are painful and eventually stop working when AF becomes chronic. A new shockless method of defibrillation returns sinus rhythms to normal using optogenetics. Depolarising ion channels are genetically inserted into the heart and can be activated by light during AF episodes.... Read more

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EU-Funded Project Highlights Cardiovascular Diseases

2014 12 Mar

Following three years of research into current cardiovascular disease (CVD) trends and the analysis of EU-wide CVD prevention policies, the EU-funded EuroHeart (European Heart Health Strategy) II Project has been concluded.  The project determined best practices and policy initiatives for the promotion of cardiovascular health in Europe and... Read more

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Cardiovascular Imaging

2014 08 Mar

Interviewee Dr. Eugenio Picano, FESC Director General Echocardiographic Laboratory Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR Pisa, Italy   Interviewed by Claire Pillar Managing Editor HealthManagement   What prompted the European Society of Cardiology to produce... Read more

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ESC Paper: Cardiologists Must Reduce Inappropriate Radiation Exposure

2014 16 Jan

Radiation from cardiology procedures equals more than 50 chest X-rays per person each year In a recent position paper published in the European Heart Journal the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) has urged cardiologists to reduce patient radiation exposure. The paper outlines doses and risks of common cardiology examinations for the first... Read more

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ESC 2014

2014 30 Aug

ESC Congress 2014, 30 August - 3 September 2014, Barcelona The spotlight of this year's congress captures innovations in scientific discovery, clinical practice, technology, education and importantly in applications to clinical care. Cardiology is evolving rapidly and it is critically important to keep up... Read more

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Heart Attack Survival Rates Set to Improve With Pocket Manual for First Aid Teams

2013 07 Nov

Expert members of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (ACCA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) have created a pioneering pocket-sized manual on acute cardiac conditions in their bid to improve heart attack survival rates. The toolkit is designed for first aid teams across Europe and will assist the decision making process in the valuable... Read more

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Best of ESC Congress 2013

2013 04 Sep

Amsterdam, 4 September 2013: Close to thirty thousand delegates converged from all over the world, to the ESC Congress 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this week. Cardiologists came to hear first-hand about the latest research. “A record number of Hot Lines and scientific sessions with new formats allowed for more exchanges between peers... Read more

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Mechanical Chest Compressions for Cardiac Arrest Just as Good as Manual

2013 04 Sep

In the event of cardiac arrest outside of a hospital it is important to provide effective chest compressions without interruption. Creating blood flow reduces the risk of brain damage and improves the chances of survival. A new Swedish study shows that mechanical treatment yields results that are at least as good as manual treatment.   The new findings... Read more

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Philips Innovations at European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013

2013 03 Sep

Philips is showcasing the latest in a series of innovations aimed at helping cardiologists to improve patient outcomes and enhance clinical workflows.  Philips’ new EPIQ ultrasound platform features built in Anatomical Intelligence – a rich database of anatomic computer models and adaptive system technology –  creating an “active” ultrasound device... Read more