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Economist Says Hospitals Will Drive Growth in Europe

2014 24 Jun

The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) will welcome best-selling author and economist Leo Nefiodow as the keynote speaker at its 25th EAHM Congress in September. Nefiodow wrote ‘The Sixth Kondratiev’, which discusses how healthcare will be the next economic growth vehicle, and addresses the changing role of hospitals as... Read more

Cross-Clinic Exchange of IT Experience Could Empower European Hospitals

2014 10 Jun

Information technology improves efficiency in a hospital setting, but the establishment of a modern IT infrastructure can come at a considerable cost in terms of time and financial resources. In countries affected by economic crises, where basic provisions are already in short supply, possibilities may be further constrained by prohibitively-priced... Read more

EAHM (European Association of Hospital Managers) 2014

2014 10 Sep

The 25th EAHM Congress will be focusing on the challenges faced by hospital managers today and the key issue in the field of healthcare, healthcare management "responsibility for the people". Read more


2013 19 Feb

As the official voice of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) (E)Hospital  has been the point of reference in delivering top healthcare management information since its first issue in 1999. (E)Hospital  benefits from a network of correspondents consisting of at least one hospital director from each member state, guaranteeing the promotion... Read more


2013 19 Feb

Founded in 1970, the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) is the umbrella association for 27 leading hospital management associations in 26 European countries representing over 16,000 individual members. The EAHM does not pursue any political, economical nor denominational goals and serves purposes of benefit to the public.... Read more