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Netflix algorithm speeds up biological imaging

2019 13 Mar

A multicentre group of researchers has developed a method for acquiring classical Raman spectroscopy images of biological tissues at record-fast speeds . The group had to repurpose an algorithm, originally developed for Netflix's 2009 movie preference prediction competition, to create the simple, label-free imaging method practical for clinical... Read more

Lab instruments in possible data leak

2019 05 Mar

A new study warns lab instruments used in biomedical research, such as DNA synthesising machines, may be leaking sensitive information t hrough some kind of noise or sound that they make. The study by University of California researchers serves to highlight new security risks created by the cyber-physical nature of biotechnology workflows. The... Read more

Blockchain genomics marketplace

2019 22 Jan

Dr. Axel Schumacher, who has worked in the field of genetics for more than 20 years, says humanity is witnessing the beginning of a greatly exciting era of precision medicine . Of note, he expects the cost of genome sequencing a person to continue its downward trend – with costs recently falling below the $1,000 dollar mark and soon hitting the... Read more

Volume 19 - Issue 1, 2019

2019 21 Jan

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Integrating labs into clinical care pathways

2019 21 Jan

Based on an Abbott-sponsored symposium “Diagnostics, Data and Integrated Clinical Care – From Insight to Action” presented at European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) congress, Cascais, Portugal, 27th September 2018. Introduction  Pressure on healthcare systems continues to rise as the world’s population grows and lives longer;... Read more

Is Blockchain the right technology for healthcare?

2019 21 Jan

Blockchain technology is touted as being potentially revolutionary, but what’s the view for the healthcare sector? Known for being an industry that’s slow to adopt and adapt to new tech, could there be any value in Blockchain for healthcare? spoke to four Blockchain experts for their views.  Kamales Lardi  Managing Partner ... Read more

How Blockchain will transform healthcare

2019 21 Jan

Adoption of distributed ledger technology will benefit patients and providers Blockchain is more than just a technology that allows us to do what we already do better, faster and cheaper. This peer-to-peer new technology has the potential to create a more inclusive economy, where patients can benefit from health data ownership. One... Read more

Who stands to benefit from healthcare Blockchain?

2019 21 Jan

Blockchain revolutionises data security, research and monetisation Blockchain can provide the backbone for a health data infrastructure that enables patients to control and benefit financially from their health data. The power of health data  The tsunami of personal data brought about by the digital revolution now extends far beyond... Read more

Blockchain solves healthcare data obstacles

2019 21 Jan

Incentivising patients with tokenomics of health data  A cryptocurrency that represents the value of health information can motivate individuals to make their health data shareable to those who are willing to pay for it. Tokens are well established in the context of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It’s a digital asset that... Read more

Is Blockchain impacting the healthcare arena?

2019 21 Jan

The Blockchain race in healthcare has yet to begin Supporters say it has everything to offer healthcare security and transparency, but what do practical, on-the-ground C-levels really think about Blockchain's potential today?  While the technology trend-o-metre and cryptocurrency world at large set off fireworks of exciting talk and... Read more