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How effective are ICU telemedicine programmes?

2018 07 Nov

Critical care is both resource intensive and costly, consuming nearly 15 percent of all hospital costs in the United States. With the demand for critical care outpacing the supply of intensivists in the setting of the ageing U.S. population, ICU telemedicine has been proposed as an intervention that may help alleviate this workforce crisis.... Read more

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25th Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium

2018 04 Oct

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37th Vicenza Course on AKI & CRRT

2019 28 May

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Music helps prevent delirium in elderly critical care patients

2018 08 Aug

A randomised controlled trial demonstrates that music intervention to prevent delirium among older patients is one of few strategies that provide support in a critical care setting. This study builds on non-pharmacologic approaches for delirium prevention by addressing the pathophysiologic mechanisms that contribute to delirium; neurotransmitter... Read more

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Helping ICU clinicians provide 'high touch and high tech' care

2018 11 Jul

Caring is a fundamental component of high-quality critical care. "Yet, in the often myopic view to maximise the lives of others, we fail to recognise the chronic and insidious undoing critical care can have on clinicians," say Deena Kelly Costa, PhD, RN, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, University of Michigan, and Marc Moss, MD, ... Read more

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The way forward for critical care ultrasound

2018 12 Jun

 The X-Porte’s touchscreen control and excellent image resolution offer significant benefits for time-critical care   Ultrasound technology is playing a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of critical care patients at Watford Hospital, part of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Dr Devaraja Acharya, Consultant in Anaesthesia and... Read more

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The role of speech and language therapy in critical care

2018 01 Jun

The role of speech and language therapists (SLTs) in critical care can be unclear so this article sets out the scope of practice to increase awareness of the value of SLTs as part of the wider multidisciplinary team. Speech and language therapists (SLT) are trained to deliver specialist clinical services to adults with a broad range of disorders,... Read more