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IT Management

Connected Health Conference 2019

2019 16 Oct

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IMAGING Management

Location influences imaging follow-up

2019 23 Jan

One of the major problems which is commonly attributed to affect patient outcomes is the failure to follow-up diagnostic imaging in time. It is critical to follow-up diagnostic imaging findings in order to have access to and receive high quality and vital care. Patient location at the time of undergoing imaging is directly related with how likely a... Read more

Executive Health Management

The future of healthcare: Turning challenges into opportunities

2018 23 May

Providing value-based care will be one of the driving forces in the future as highlighted by Siemens Healthineers professionals Dr. Ghada Trotabas, Dr. Arthur Kaindl, and Dr. Jonathan Darer at Healthcare Business International (HBI) 2018.   The biggest challenge facing healthcare is the need to improve value for patients. Healthcare systems today... Read more

IT Management

New communication platform improves care delivery

2018 17 Mar

A modern communications platform, a replacement for pagers, has led to improved delivery of care at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. As the platform allows faster communication between members of care teams, better coordination and faster response times are achieved.   With improved communication via the PerfectServe platform, for instance,... Read more

Executive Health Management

3 Steps for Better Care Delivery

2017 20 Jul

Policymakers in the U.S. have recently focused their efforts on replacing the Affordable Care Act, failing to consider the need to transform the country's healthcare delivery system. Two prominent physician leaders urge the government and lawmakers to take a hard look at the doctor-patient relationship and transform how medical care is structured,... Read more