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Health Management

Volume 20 - Issue 8, 2020

2020 22 Oct

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Health Management

Artificial Intelligence and Cardiology: Reaching New Frontiers

2020 22 Oct

Part of the new care delivery in cardiology is the use of artificial intelligence tools that are proving their utility in this evolving field. Electrocardiography has been considered an important diagnostic tool but also could have a role in the prediction of events. One important event to predict is atrial fibrillation due to its causal relationship... Read more

Cardiology Management

1,000+ Peer Reviewed Publications Confirm Trust In Most Popular Finger Blood Pressure Method

2020 14 Oct

We are happy to announce that to date our  CNAP® technology  for monitoring continuous blood pressure and hemodynamics has reached the magic mark of over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications. Our customers use CNAP® to collect data in over 100 studies and many more advanced research projects per year. Utilizing a simple finger sensor CNAP® provides a... Read more

ICU Management

PCICS Annual International Meeting 2020

2020 09 Dec

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Cardiology Management


2020 14 Nov

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Cardiology Management

4TS Conference 2021

2021 11 Feb

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Cardiology Management

ACC Middle East 2021

2021 14 Oct

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Health Management

COVID-19 Superheroes

2020 03 Aug

COVID-19 has affected  15 million people  across the globe, and meanwhile, over 600,000 deaths are associated with it. Even my father, having some pre-conditions, passed away because of it. The healthcare systems and economies of more than 200 countries have been severely affected, also impacting healthcare workers both physically and psychologically.... Read more

Cardiology Management

Global Heart Congress 2020

2020 29 Jul

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