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Executive Health Management

Daily Integrated Care Conferences as Efficient Model of Communication

2020 26 Feb

Significantly reducing the length of a patient’s stay can be achieved by a measure as obvious as provider teams holding integrated care conferences (ICCs), ie daily meetings during which providers share information.   You may also like : Trust-Abundant Team Principles   According to the study (Shilian et al. 2020) published in The Journal... Read more

ICU Management

Weaning from extracorporeal systems in patients with severe COPD

2019 30 Apr

A new study in the journal Critical Care demonstrates the feasibility of implementing veno-venous extracorporeal CO 2 removal (vv-ECCO 2 R), in combination with non-invasive neurally adjusted ventilator assist (NIV-NAVA), for the treatment of severe acute exacerbation of COPD.    Investigators conducted a physiological study of the electrical activity... Read more