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ICU Management

Diagnostic approaches for hospital-acquired pneumonia

2019 27 Feb

A new study suggests that a comprehensive approach might be undertaken for microbiological diagnosis in critically ill non-ventilated hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP). Sputum sampling determined one third of microbiological diagnosis in HAP patients who were not subsequently intubated. In contrast, invasive methods were associated with higher rates... Read more

ICU Management

Treating Complications from Abdominal Surgery

2016 30 May

Case Report Using Nonbronchoscopic BAL Use of the HALYARD* Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter proved invaluable in the case of a patient experiencing complications from abdominal surgery. Dr. Roberto Oggioni has been director of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at S. Giovanni di Dio Hospital since 2012, and wrote up the case with colleague... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 16 - Issue 2, 2016

2016 27 May

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