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#RSNA14: Primary Physicians Not Well Informed about Breast Density

2014 04 Dec

A survey of primary care physicians in California, 10 months after enactment of state breast density legislation, found that nearly half of the primary care physicians who responded were not aware of breast density legislation, according to Kathleen Khong, MD, from the University of California Davis, who presented the results at the Radiological Society... Read more

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Norway Cancer Registry Expands Use of Volpara Solutions' Tools

2014 21 Nov

Incorporating Volumetric Breast Density and Imaging Performance Analytics in Quality Assurance Studies Volpara Solutions is proud to announce that the Cancer Registry of Norway will expand the study of Volpara’s innovative suite of quantitative breast imaging software tools to now include seven of the 16 screening sites in the Norwegian Breast Cancer... Read more

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Digital Mammographic Density and Breast Cancer Risk

2014 02 Oct

Researchers: fully-automated volumetric methods are valid alternatives to measure mammographic breast density and predict breast cancer risk The accurate measurement of mammographic density offers the potential to improve breast cancer risk prediction and to tailor screening protocols according to risk, according to a study published in Breast Cancer... Read more

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VuCOMP's M-Vu Breast Density Cleared for Canada

2014 24 Jul

VuCOMP, Inc. has announced that it has received clearance to sell and market its M-Vu Breast Density product in Canada. The clearance is timely as bill C-314, An Act Respecting the awareness of screening among women with dense breast tissue has been introduced in Canada. The act requires the Government of Canada to encourage the use of existing... Read more

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US Density Reporting Legislation Moves Forward

2014 18 Jul

A national standard to report breast tissue composition moves forward as federal legislation to standardise breast density reporting is introduced in the senate and house. Senator Diane Feinstein of California and Senator Kelley Ayotte of New Hampshire introduce bi-partisan legislation to standardise the communication of dense breast tissue... Read more

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Minnesota Passes Breast Density Reporting Law

2014 27 May

Minnesota has become the 16th state in the U.S. to report breast density to the patient as Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill into law on May 21. The law will come into force on August 1. The Minnesota Radiological Society lent its support, stating that it believes the bill  should result in conversations between the patient and her treating clinicians... Read more

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Breast Density: New Software Developed by Spanish Researchers

2014 14 May

New software developed in Spain will help physicians assess breast cancer risk by quantifying breast density, a known risk factor for the disease. Researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València, in collaboration with the Instituto de Salud Carlos III  and the Foundation for the Health and Biomedical Research of the Comunitat Valenciana... Read more

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NCBC2014: VuComp M-Vu Breast Density Measurement Technology To Be Exhibited

2014 06 May

VuComp, Inc. will exhibit its new, automated breast density measurement technology, M-Vu Breast Density, at the American College of Radiology (ACR) 36th National Conference on Breast Cancer (NCBC) from May 8-10 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Clinical studies have shown that dense breasts can make breast cancer detection in a mammogram more... Read more

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Symposium Mammographicum 2014: Siemens to Showcase Women’s Health Expertise

2014 30 Apr

Siemens Healthcare will demonstrate its range of mammography, ultrasound and MR breast imaging products at Symposium Mammographicum 2014.  The exhibition, taking place at the Bournemouth International Centre 29th June - 1 July 2014, will include solutions designed specifically for the provision of Women’s Health, including the Mammomat Inspiration Full... Read more

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VuCOMP Releases M-Vu Breast Density Version 2.0

2014 16 Apr

Automated breast density measurement technology adds critical dimension to the analysis of breast density beyond volume alone: identifying dense tissue in the breast that could mask cancer and taking into account dispersion of fibroglandular tissue VuCOMP, Inc. has announced the release of an updated version of its M-Vu Breast Density.  The... Read more