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Astute Medical, Inc. To Host Educational Symposium At Critical Care Nephrology Meeting

2013 06 Jun

Astute Medical, Inc. will host an educational symposium bringing together an international panel of medical experts to discuss how newly validated biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) risk can improve care of critically ill patients in the intensive care setting. The symposium, AKI Biomarkers of Risk Assessment: A New Age , will take place... Read more

Two Biomarkers Predict Increased Risk For "Silent" Strokes

2013 06 Jun

Two biomarkers widely being investigated as predictors of heart and vascular disease appear to indicate risk for "silent" strokes and other causes of mild brain damage that present no symptoms, report researchers from The Methodist Hospital and several other institutions in an upcoming issue of Stroke (now online). The researchers found high... Read more

Biomarker Predicts Organ Rejection and Death in Heart Transplant Patients

2013 04 Jun

Critical Diagnostics’ novel cardiac biomarker, ST2, could offer a way for doctors to monitor transplant patients versus expensive and risky biopsies Critical Diagnostics announced on May 22, 2013, the recently-published results of a Utah Transplantation Affiliated Hospitals Cardiac Transplant Program study involving the use of a novel biomarker,... Read more

Thermo Scientific at ISICEM 2013

2013 14 Mar

Thermo Scientific will be exhibiting at the 33 rd ISICEM in Brussels and will be presenting its procalcitonin (PCT) biomarker. Early identification of sepsis is crucial to improving patient outcomes. Yet sepsis can be difficult to differentiate from nonbacterial infections. Procalcitonin (PCT) is a biomarker that exhibits a rapid, clinically... Read more

Alere at ISICEM 2013

2013 14 Mar

Satellite Symposium: Point of care cardio-renal biomarkers have changed my practice: A debate Location: 400 Hall Chairperson: Claudio Ronco (Vicenza, Italy) Time: March 20, 2013 at 12:30 Programme (12:30-13:30) Introduction FOR: Current clinical practice of cardio-renal biomarkers in the ED Salvatore Di Somma (Rome, Italy) FOR:... Read more

BioPorto Diagnostics at ISICEM 2013

2013 14 Mar

BioPorto Diagnostics will be exhibiting at the 33rd ISICEM in Brussels and will be presenting the The NGAL Test™ . The NGAL Test™ CE IVD is a new rapid NGAL assay for clinical chemistry platforms.* Using only a few drops of plasmaor urine The NGAL Test™ gives you results in just 10 minutes and thus addresses the widespread demand for urgent... Read more

Astute Medical at ISICEM 2013

2013 14 Mar

Satellite Symposium: New Biomarkers for Early Risk Assessment of AKI: Solving the Challenge Location: Horta Room Chairperson: John Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA) Time: March 20, 2013 at 12:30 Programme (12:30-13:30)  Welcome and Introduction - John Kellum (Pittsburgh, USA)  Cell Cycle Arrest Biomarkers for AKI - Lakhmir Chawla (Washington,... Read more

Potential Early Indicator of Kidney Injury Identified

2013 14 Mar

A guidance cue that helps kidneys form may also be a red flag that they are in danger, researchers report. Acute kidney injury, a common and serious complication of hospitalization, is on the increase worldwide, affecting an estimated 6 percent of all hospitalized patients and 30-40 percent of adults and children having cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.... Read more

Biomarker Plasma NGAL Suggested to Improve Clinical Diagnosis of AKI in the Emergency Department

2013 06 Mar

Alere Inc. is pleased to announce the results of a study published this week in Critical Care, demonstrating that plasma neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (pNGAL), a biomarker that aids in the early detection of acute kidney injury (AKI), improved the diagnosis of AKI when added to clinical judgment. Patients presenting to the emergency department... Read more