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Dr. Nancy Cappello, Dense Breast Advocate and Founder of Are You Dense, Inc., has died

2018 16 Nov

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing away of our friend and partner Dr. Nancy Cappello , dense breast advocate and founder of Are You Dense, Inc. Nancy was a doctor and social activist who ardently fought for and managed to achieve the passing of breast density notification laws across the United States. 36 states so far have passed... Read more

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Fatal Flaw In Breast Cancer Screening

2016 01 Jul

Impact of Dense Breast Tissue On Reliability Of Mammograms The internet and social media have transformed our‏ lives. They have literally opened up a global connection ‏to those with similar interests and passions. In ‏my focused world of patient advocacy for breast health, ‏I meet innumerable women, fervent in their yearly breast ‏cancer... Read more