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U.S. study: rising stroke incidence among marijuana users

2018 24 Oct

A five-year study (2010-14) of hospital statistics from the United States shows that the incidence of stroke has risen steadily among marijuana users, even though the overall rate of stroke remained constant over the same period. The study, presented at the 11th World Stroke Congress in Montreal, Canada, looked at U.S. hospital statistics from... Read more

ICU Management

Hypothermia in neurocritical care patients other than cardiac arrest

2018 16 Mar

Hypothermia (HT) is a cornerstone of neuroprotective strategies and has been used in critical care for acutely brain injured adult patients for many years. This review aims to discuss the clinical evidence supporting the use of HT in neurocritical care patients beyond care after cardiac arrest (CA), such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), acute ischaemic... Read more

ICU Management

ICU Volume 15 - Issue 4 - 2015

2015 31 Dec

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ICU Management

Management of Acute Ischaemic Stroke

2015 31 Dec

Defining the Role of the Intensive Care Unit This review article aims to alter the preconceived mindset that surrounds the intensive care unit (ICU) and the patient with an acute ischaemic stroke (AIS). A contemporary body of evidence is emerging that shows that specific interventions can improve outcomes, and this article highlights key evidence-based... Read more