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#ESCCongress: AI Algorithm for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

2022 29 Aug

Late-breaking research presented at the ESC Congress shows that an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm accurately estimates the risk of heart disease caused by cumulative exposure to cholesterol and blood pressure levels and the benefits of lowering both, thus providing the information needed to make individual treatment decisions.  Atherosclerotic... Read more

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Dynamic Brain Imaging With AI

2022 02 Aug

MRI, electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography are commonly used to study brain activity. However, new research from Carnegie Mellon University introduces a novel, AI-based dynamic brain imaging technology that maps out rapidly changing electrical activity in the brain with high speed, high resolution, and low cost. The research aims to improve... Read more

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AI vs Humans: Detecting Incidental Pulmonary Embolism on Chest CT

2022 19 Jul

A study was conducted to assess the diagnostic performance of an AI algorithm for detecting incidental pulmonary embolus (iPE) on conventional contrast-enhanced chest CT examinations. Results show that the AI tool had a high negative predictive value (NPV) and moderate positive predictive value (PPV) for detection and was able to find some iPEs that... Read more

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Philips Spotlights Latest AI-Powered, Software-Defined MR Smart Systems at ECR 2022

2022 12 Jul

Philips SmartSpeed AI-based software receives FDA 510(k) clearance, delivering breakthrough high-speed, high-resolution MR imaging Unique broad compatibility (97% of clinical protocols) allows faster and high-quality scans for virtually all patients with various conditions including those with implants Intelligent MR acceleration software... Read more

Health Management

Volume 22 - Issue 3, 2022

2022 08 Jul

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AI: Opportunities, Capabilities and Limits

2022 08 Jul

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform how we deliver care. It can increase clinician productivity and improve efficiency and enable existing healthcare systems to provide care to more people than before. AI can also improve data analysis and utilisation, facilitate better decision-making and promote early diagnosis and... Read more

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Artificial Intelligence and Echocardiography: Are We Ready for Automation?

2022 08 Jul

Artificial intelligence has many potential applications in the field of cardiac imaging and echocardiography is not an exception. There are clear examples in different aspects like cardiac chamber quantification, assistance on the interpretation of stress echocardiography or the evaluation of valvular heart disease. We need to be prepared for automation... Read more

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The Current State of AI in Diagnostic Imaging and How to Improve its Clinical Value

2022 08 Jul

More well-curated data, external validation of algorithms, and user-friendly workflow integration will help translate the potential of AI into clinical routine. Key Points Representative data sets and external validation are key issues for AI algorithms to become more accurate and generalisable. Machine learning is not only... Read more

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Netflix-Style Algorithm for Blueprint of Cancer

2022 21 Jun

A team of scientists have used artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a Netflix-style algorithm to investigate and categorise DNA changes across the cancer genome. The paper, titled “Signatures of copy number alterations in human cancer”, is published in  Nature. They identify 21 common faults that occur to the structure, order and number of... Read more

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Are We Ready for AI-Ethical Decision Making?

2022 07 Jun

As technology continues to evolve, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in decision-making processes continues to grow. Today, humans have become dependent on algorithms to process information, guide behaviour and draw conclusions.  In a new study, researchers study how humans react to AI decision-making and explore the question: "is society... Read more