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3D Printing with TeraRecon

2017 01 Mar

Printing your model is easier than ever. Every TeraRecon system houses a feature that allows the user to print directly from their existing workflow. It provides you a way to print full-color 3D models without the need for a printer, any 3rd party software, and it avoids the use of giant, inefficient STL files.   TeraRecon 3D Print Packs... Read more

Manufacturing Marvel: Ampronix Adapts To Cutting-Edge Innovations

2016 16 May

3D PRINTING AND AMPRONIX The Utilization of 3D printing in Research and Development Department expedites creative engineering process, drive prices down. In  The Third American Revolution , renowned American economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin proposes that the world is in the midst of experiencing a reprise of the manufacturing/technological... Read more

SIIM 2016

2016 29 Jun

SIIM 2016 will drive change. Informaticists have the opportunity to provide strategic enterprise imaging direction combined with a specialized skill set that helps position them for success within their organization. SIIM 2016 provides education in the core imaging informatics domains, as well as CIIP specific career development, to acquire, manipulate,... Read more

RSNA15: Conjoined Twins - Role of CT, 3D Printing

2015 03 Dec

In a first, researchers have used CT imaging and 3D printing in the surgical planning for separation of conjoined twins, according to a study presented on Wednesday, 2 December, at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The 3D models proved to be an excellent source of information, as there were no major discrepancies... Read more