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Health Management

Embedding sustainability into clinical medicine and medical education

2017 09 Nov

Why it should and how it can be done How one healthcare body is introducing education on sustainable healthcare across the sector.   Environmental change is an increasingly important determinant of health and of the ability of societies and healthcare services to respond to ill health. Climate change has been recognised as the “biggest global health threat... Read more

IMAGING Management

2017 31 Jul

The most significant challenge facing any membership organisation is how to stay relevant in today's healthcare world of free information and high clinical workloads and pressures. This is exacerbated by increasing specialisation and the need to stay abreast of developments in a fast-changing medical world. Examples of the increased complexity of imaging and... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 17 - Issue 2, 2017

2017 28 May

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ICU Management

Resuscitation in Resource-Poor Settings – A Southern Africa Experience

2017 28 May

Worldwide, there are over 17 million cardiovascular deaths each year, and the prevalence of cardiovascular disease is increasing. Many regions in the world have seen mortality rates level off or improve; this is not the case for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). With only modest reductions in age-adjusted cardiovascular mortality, overshadowed by a blossoming... Read more

Health Management

Patients' Rights Have No Borders

2016 13 Nov

Seeking Healthcare in Another Member State  The diversity of health systems, especially in terms of quality and safety policies, has always been mentioned as the biggest obstacle to cross-border care in the European Union. The implementation of the directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (Council Directive 2011/24/EU)... Read more