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Hospital de La Princesa shortens antibiotic adaptation treatment for severe sepsis

2018 08 May

In positive blood cultures, the Accelerate Pheno TM system identifies the agent causing the infection in 90 minutes and around 5 hours afterwards it provides information on the antibiotic sensitivity of the pathogen, which is 28 hours less than the current conventional system used in the La Princesa Hospital.  Two studies carried out by the centre, which... Read more

ICU Management

42nd Annual Conference on Shock

2019 08 Jun

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ICU Management

Albumin Administration in Sepsis: The Case for and Against

2017 16 Mar

Serum albumin is an essential plasma protein, with a variety of homeostatic and predictive roles in health and disease (Figure 1) . Hypoalbuminaemia is common in critical illness. Human albumin solution has been administered clinically for more than five decades, but its use has been subject to marked controversy for the last twenty years (Fanali... Read more