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Innovative procurement

2017 09 Nov

Leading to sustainable healthcare solutions   Three pilot studies show how an innovative approach to healthcare procurement can lead to solutions.   For many years, the European Community has been promoting innovation as a fundamental way of enhancing the development of the European Union (EU) and its role in the international arena.... Read more

IT Management

WHINN- Week of Health and INNovation 2017

2017 10 Oct

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Health Management

Responsible research innovation – heard of that before?

2017 19 Sep

A reminder about who is at the centre of the complex healthcare hierarchy and industry – the patient.   In May I was present at the excellent congress “Responsible Research and Innovation in the Health Industry”, organised among others by the EU Economic and Social Committee. I had the honour of speaking about my ideas on innovation and... Read more

Health Management

Leading the Way: Cutting Edge Human Resources

2017 21 Aug

A Human Resources (HR) department that continuously looks at ways to foster satisfaction for personnel reaps the rewards of innovation and productivity. puts some top HR approaches in the spotlight.     Long gone are the days of a deep divide between management and personnel. Human Resources (HR ) practice... Read more

Executive Health Management

Paris Healthcare Week 2018

2018 29 May

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