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Artificial Intelligence for Quick and Precise Echocardiography

2021 05 Jul

The quantification and efficiency of performing measurements can be a challenge in daily cardiac ultrasound examinations. Providing the right support for reliable quantification and exam efficiency is needed so each user can perform a high-quality examination. In other words, our goal is to help sonographers and physicians obtain consistent measurement... Read more

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ESGAR 2021 - European Society of Abdominal Radiology

2021 15 Jun

NOW A VIRTUAL MEETING Find ESGAR on Social Media    Read more

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11th Annual Multimodality Cardiovascular Imaging for the Clinician

2021 11 Dec

Hybrid Event Find Debakey Cv Edu On Social Media Read more

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43rd Annual Meeting Sabi 2020

2020 10 Oct

Find SABI on social media Read more

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Mayo Clinic Diagnostic Imaging Update and Self-Assessment 2021

2022 11 Jul

Event has been moved to 2022 Find MayoClinic Radiology on Social Media  Read more

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Xrays Probe Bones and Soft Tissues

2020 07 Apr

In a pioneering study, researchers in Japan have found a way to use x-rays in examining soft tissues – not just dense materials like bones – similar to how ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) work.     You might also like : AI+Radiologist: Improved Screening Interpretation   Both ultrasound and MRI make use of elastography,... Read more