ZytoVision GmbH

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Company Profile ZytoVision - Distributed in Germany by Zytomed Systems ZytoVision GmbH develops and produces in situ hybridization (ISH)-based solutions for supporting diagnoses and treatment decisions of various diseases, particularly cancer. The products are distributed by a worldwide network of distributors. Based on the certification ISO 13485, most of the products have been CE-marked for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use. ZytoVision is strongly focused on development of companion diagnostics which allow application of targeted and individual therapy in cancer. Additionally, in clinical trials , designed to approve new powerful drugs based on companion diagnostics, ZytoVision comprise development of validated ISH assays, molecular profiling of patients, and development of companion diagnostics. Currently, more than 230 products are on offer in three different product lines: ZytoDot ®, ZytoLight ®, and ZytoFast ®. End customers of the ZytoVision GmbH are clinicians and pathologists who can provide improved clinical diagnoses based on ISH-techniques (FISH, and CISH respectively).