Zhonghong Pulin Medical Products Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile About us Tangshan Zhonghong Pulin Food Products Co.,Ltd. started In Nov.,2000 with the total capital of RMB 2,500 million now. The staff is as large as 3,100. There are 10 production bases with 12 factories under its command. It is an all-around enterprise. The main products include feedstuff, chick incubation, chicken breeding, butchering and freezing processing, aquiculture processing, PVC, PE plastic products and packing products.The company practices earnestly the belief "the Sincerer and More Precise, the More Outstanding", and promptly grasps the opportunity of development. In order to seek more extended growth and widen the field of production and management, the company successively passed the joint venture and cooperation with Xiamen International Trade Group, Shandong Dacheng, Beijing Rongshang. At present, the pattern of development of three industries "plastics, livestock and poultry, aquaculture" has been formed. At the beginning of 2004, a new strategy of development "Bigger, Stronger, even more Further " was proposed again. According to the working thought "Stabilizing Plastics, Regenerating Livestock and Poultry, Breaking through Aquaculture", the company advanced the construction of development of three industries comprehensively.According to the program, to 2008, the company can initial the annual production value 3000 million yuan and the revenue of foreign exchange 100 million yuan, arrange employment 7000 people, guide farmer of 7000, and help farmer increase earning 300 million yuan. Nowadays, it has been a large-scaled group, which gives priority to the three industries, namely "plastics, livestock and poultry and aquaculture". All the customers at home and abroad are welcomed to visit, study, negotiate and cooperate. The company will provide all customers with first grade management, first grade reputation, first grade products, first grade quality, first grade service and first grade environment.