Zhejiang Shuyou Surgical Instrument Co., Ltd

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Company Profile About us Zhejiang Shuyou Surgical Instrument Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993, and specializes in producing a series of surgical instruments invented by famous surgical experts both in China and abroad .Our company currently holds 8 patents altogether. Among there ,the well-known PENG’S Multi-functional Operational Dissector (Known as the PMOD)had achieved the Second Grade of the prestigious National Invention Award, being one of the highest of such awards in the medical field nationwide .Its inventor was warmly interviewed by the state leaders. In May 2002, PMOD was a warded with the Gold Medal in the Innovation & New Product Exhibition in Pittsburgh, U.S.A. For the medical field it was the only product that was an awarded with the Gold Medal. Recently our company conforms to ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 and our products have achieved the CE and FDA certificates. The PMOD is designed to perform the quadruple functions of suction, electro-coagulation, curetting and dissection. With the only exception of suturing, the PMOD allows the operator to carry out all operative manipulations including cutting, haemostasis suction and dissections. By eliminating the need to frequently change surgical instruments during operations , the PMOD saves operation time, reduces haemorrhage , greatly improves the quality of operation, as well as reducing the patient’s medical expenses. Using the PMOD, harmful plume produced during electro-coagulation is sucked out ,it is beneficial to the health of the medical staff . For this reason , throughout China, our company has well established sales network and trading channels in Beijing, Shanghai , Dalian, Changsha , Xi’an , Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other major cities and provinces in China. Our products have also been exported to USA and EU, all deeply appreciated by their users. The company has also, after over a decade of development, established co-operational relations that allow us to supply many surgical instruments and disposable products that are of good brand and stable quality. We are ever seeking to provide better services to our customers.