Xmed S.r.l.

Endorse Company
About us Xmed S.r.l. was founded in 2001 in the leading biomedical district in Europe and has gone on to become a centre of excellence in the development and production of disposable devices. Founded by professionals working in the biomedical field for over twenty years, Xmed S.r.l. operates with an ISO 9001 - and ISO 13485 - compliant quality system. All devices manufactured by Xmed S.r.l. carry the CE mark issued by the renowned international certification body CERMET. Xmed S.r.l. initially established its business in the field of disposable devices for ENT procedures, with disposable sterile protective sheaths, such as the Endoshaft Cover® and Endoshaft Cover® Plus.We then broadened our market to the field of surgery and developed surgical mesh made of polypropylene, called MEDmesh, customized to the needs of our end users. While remaining attentive to the needs of the evolving market, in 2010 Xmed S.r.l. turned its attention to a new sector - Anaesthesia and Intensive Care - and created a new kit for percutaneous tracheostomy procedures, called the Tracheo SET, which proposes an innovative method compared to the traditional techniques in use. Following on from the initial product, in 2011 Xmed S.r.l. launched two new lines of disposable sheaths dedicated to urology - the UDK - and gynaecology - the GDK. The last product developped by Xmed Srl is a new disposable that is called ENDO JACK an uterine manipulator. In order to keep pace with market demand, Xmed S.r.l. has developed an advanced tracking system that can track our devices throughout their entire life cycle to ensure a quick and efficient post-marketing service. For the future Xmed is already working on ways to improve the systems currently in use and is designing new devices in new fields of interest, investing a large part of its resources in Research and Development.