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Company Profile Interactive Publishing House Medutools Interactive Publishing House Medutools provides its products and services at the interface of medicine, education and technology. The combination of these three major markets generates a new niche that with a free access to mobile devices and apps has an opportunity to transfer high quality medical knowledge. Medutools offers you its professional assistance and advice. The specialised knowledge and skills of our team of Medical Doctors and Programmers constitute the most important element of our activity allowing us to create the best solutions for health services. The constant consultation with the Receiver on the development, testing and updates of the products is an inherent element of Medutools Interactive Publishing activity. We are fully aware of the dynamics of the mobile devices market and of the constantly changing needs of our Receivers, and that is the reason why we maintain a continuous and active collaboration with scientific environment, medical trade fairs and conferences. Our mission is to design, prepare and to implement new products and services that integrate a confirmed medical knowledge with novel technologies in mobile applications. We set ambitious goals: providing the users with the highest quality products and mobile services, presenting the users with novel solutions for the access to the knowledge via mobile devices, using the potential of the Internet to share with Clients the best solutions of the accessibility to the professional medical knowledge, promotion of novel ways of the access to the scientific knowledge, offering classical (printed out) materials that implement the novel methodology of teaching medical knowledge, supporting of advocacy in the field of medical and scientific education, organisation of meetings, debates and conferences, collaboration and help offered to the non-governmental organisations as well as the non-governmental projects in the field of science, especially medicine and public health as well as education. Medutools actively designs and implements mobile solutions as an answer to the needs of the: Patients, Physicians, Medical students, Companies directing their offer to Patients and Medical Doctors, Institutions related with the health care system.