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United Access began in 1971 as an equipment rental company. Gradually, United Rentals, as it was known then, moved into the Durable Medical Equipment business and was renamed United Medical. After their customers received their wheelchairs, there was a need for vehicle modifications. At that time, anyone wishing to transport a disabled driver or perhaps even drive on their own would bring their full-size van to United Access to have a lift installed. As the mobility industry developed, United Medical evolved along with it. In 1997, United Medical was divided into three separate companies, United Seating and Mobility for wheelchairs and other equipment, a residential elevator company no longer in business, and United Access specialized in the mobility industry adapting vehicles for those with disabilities. Since 1997, United Access has grown from one location in St. Louis Missouri to 9 locations throughout the Midwest. United Access is one of the top ten mobility dealers in the nation and owes its success to attention to detail and a simple mantra "always put the customer first." The growth of United Access over the past decade is due to loyal customers and dedicated employees. In fact, over 20% of United Access' employees have a disability or someone in their family does.