WOW Technology S.A.

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WOW Technology teams At your service WOW Technology is a Belgian company of 50 persons, specialized in the conception and the manufacturing of machines and automated made-to-measure equipments in the food-processing, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, automobile, aeronautical, energy sectors,… The teams of the research department are distributed in the following departments: Mechanics (CAD draftsmen, designers) Robotics (programmers) Electricity (conception of boxes and electric installations) Electronics (PCB cards, power electronics) Software - Automation (PC programs and PLC automatons) Applied research and development (mathematicians, scientists) Tests and Measure (Laboratory) The manufacturing department is made of workshops of: Welding (fine sheet metal and mechanic structure welded by using the processes TIG, MIG / MAG, microplasma, spot welding), Manufacturing of metals and polymers (turning and CNC milling, wire cutting, rectification and mortising), Composites (made-to-measure pieces, polyester, fiberglass, moulds), Cabling of low voltage electrical cabinets and pneumatic boxes, Realization of electronics boards, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), blocks and thyristors systems, IGBT, … In a synergic way, our network of subcontracting is spread in: Sheet metal workshop (bending / roll bending), laser cutting, water jet cutting, oxygen lancing - flame cutting); Surface treatments (anodizing, zinc electroplating, electroless nickel plating, black oxide, passivation, QPQ, ... ); Heat treatments (quenching, tempering, annealing, ...); Coatings and Finishing (liquid paint, powder coating, electropolishing,serigraphy, ...). WOW Technology, it is also a favored partnership with the following companies: ACTE (heat exchangers and thermal designs) Baugnée (manufacturing workshop) WIN (automated machines by manipulation and assembly of frames) Finally, WOW Technology develops, assembles and commercializes its products: Wave Ball, Wave It, Wavolution and Mc Wave (waves generators in public pools, industrial, aquariums, fountains) Webmobile geo-localization of car fleet and persons by GPS and GPRS Forest Compass: measure of trees diameters by laser