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Company Profile Introduction(About WONBIOGEN) WONBIOGEN CO., LTD. is a bio-venture enterprise to research and develop various kinds of biocompatible medical materials. Our company have completed development of various dressing agents for healing wound first in the country such as Polyurethane foam dressing (Inofoam, Therasorb, Inofoam C), Low-irritating Hydrocolloid dressing (Renoderm), Breathable waterproof film dressing (Hiperskin), Silicone gel dressing for remedy of scar (Remscar), etc and have researched and developed Surgicura, a nano fiber type of anti-adhesion membrane, artificial skin, functional medical bio material and others. Based on excellent researches, our company has strived for localization of expensive medical products to contribute to promotion of people’s welfare and health, and promoted research and development jointly under academic-industrial cooperation in organic and systematic way based on trust, linking with Nano-Biomaterials Laboratory at Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Kyung-book National University school of medicine, CHA University Hospital in Gumi, etc. Like this, excellent institutions and researchers have played a key role in localizing medical materials and our company has made a great contribution to development of home and abroad medical industry. Even if our company has possessed many intellectual properties based on excellent technology development, we promise that we will be a bio enterprise possessing top class technology to position as a leading company in the cutting-edge bio industry by intensive investment on research and development for stem cell, bio chip, etc