WINCO Identification Corp

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Founded in 1980, Winco ID has established a standard of excellence in designing, implementing, and servicing label and bar code solutions. Winco ID incorporates leading-edge advancements in labeling, bar coding, and RFID technology in our innovative identification systems. Our bar code and label solutions are used in real-world applications that serve the electronics, manufacturing, healthcare, defense, pharmaceutical, food distributions, and consumer goods industries, among others. We work with companies of all sizes to maximize efficiency and productivity, increase accuracy, and lower operating costs.Winco ID is committed to servicing the needs of our customers. From those just starting to implement bar code systems, to those with complex labeling and identification requirements, Winco ID's trained and talented team provides cost-effective and solid solutions for single applications and across multiple departments. Our full-service approach to total identification solutions gives our customers access to our professional team of experts throughout the entire process, helping them manage growth and changes in the marketplace.