WFR/Aquaplast Corp and Q-Fix Systems LLC

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WFR-Aquaplast and Qfix Systems is a world leader in radiotherapy patient positioning and immobilization. Our thermoplastic, Aquaplast RT™ is the most recognized brand of radiotherapy patient immobilization thermoplastic in the US, and possibly the world. Invented in 1975, Aquaplast RT™ was the first low temperature thermoplastic to be used in the radiotherapy community. Aquaplast RT™ is used to create a rigid mask, or shell, that positions and immobilizes a patient during a radiotherapy procedure. In early 2001, WFR/Aquaplast formed an alliance with a nearby carbon fiber engineering and design firm. At that time this firm had a great deal of experience in producing radiotranslucent products for the diagnostic imaging industry, such as carbon fiber surgery tables, but had little experience in producing radiotherapy treatment devices. WFR/Aquaplast had a good understanding of what the radiation therapy community required for patient immobilization, but had no way of bringing these ideas to fruition, as they had previously relied on distributors to manufacture immobilization devices. This alliance evolved into Qfix Systems LLC.