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Welsh Government - Life Sciences Sector The Welsh Government is committed to making Wales the best possible environment for Life Sciences, bringing together the key elements of the ecosystem including industry, innovation, academia, the Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund and Life Sciences Hub, all working together to deliver economic growth. The sector has clusters of genuine excellence from research and clinical trials to new product development and manufacturing. Our companies and world-leading university departments are driving research to create new technologies in this constantly evolving sector. Significant funding is available for innovation, business growth and international trade to deliver a vibrant, growing sector. Recent Infrastructure developments have seen the opening of the Welsh Wound Innovation Centre and the current development of a state-of-the-art Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products manufacturing and development facility in Pencoed Technology Park, near Cardiff. The opening of GE Healthcare’s first UK Innovation Village is another great example of open innovation and partnership between the public and private sectors to boost life sciences in Wales. Wales Life Sciences Fund The £100 million Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund is managed by Arthurian Life Sciences Limited and since its establishment has made ten major investments to date attracting considerable levels of co-investment and raising the global profile of Wales as a thriving location for Life Sciences companies. Life Sciences Hub Wales The Hub opened in July 2014 to help drive growth and provide a strong central focus – a one stop shop - to bring about investment, commercialisation and ongoing business success and acts as a central resource for the whole of the life Sciences sector in Wales including academic, business, clinical and funding organisations to stimulate innovation, networking and collaborations Together the Life Sciences Investment Fund and the Hub have connected the Life Sciences sector throughout Wales, attracted new sector opportunities and investment, nurtured emerging Life Sciences projects, accelerated the growth of the Life Sciences sector in Wales and stimulated jobs creation. As a location Wales provides a dynamic, innovative culture for pursuing discoveries and new product developments, with fresh ideas and discoveries.