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The concept and history of the software are closely connected with the development of computer technology. Introduced was the concept of software from the American statistician John W. Turkey in 1958. The purely technical computer unit is not able to edit the existing data without the programs that are installed on it. When computer technology is a technique that was at the origin on the positive and negative electromagnetic charge of Eisenferritkernen mounted in the early days of computer technology with thin wires in units of 256 pieces in context, must be repaid. In these early days of the original computer program was made today archaic Seeming.For the connection of the individual Eisenferritkerne means of magnetization, with the development of the first programming language ASSEMBLER possible to control the computer's memory so that the desired processing of the data to be evaluated was possible. This programming was still done at the lowest level of the computer hardware so close, and necessitated extensive knowledge of the sequence to be programmed as well as extensive knowledge of the basic technical requirements of the computer.