Wama Diagnostica

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Company Profile About us WAMA Diagnóstica, founded in 1991, is part of a group with over 60 years of experience in laboratorial diagnostic area. WAMA Diagnóstica is committed to becoming, in a short period of time, a leader in the diagnostic tests through a non-stop development of methods in the laboratorial analysis field. Since the beginning, WAMA Diagnóstica has made a concentrated effort to offer products which satisfy its customer’s needs with the newest and updated technology in diagnostic tests allowing a product range that is user-friendly, easy-to-use and low cost. The quality of our products can be measured by a yearly steady growth together with high customer’s satisfaction. Searching for ceaseless improvements, WAMA Diagnóstica has partners worldwide such as University of Montevideo (Uruguay), University of Granada (Spain), Universities of Washington and Texas (USA) and also American companies. The knowledge from these partnerships is transformed into new products which has accelerated the company’s expansion into new markets. WAMA Diagnóstica is certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ANVISA and ISO 9001, ISO 13485 by BV- Bureau Veritas Certification. All production process, commercialization, distribution and technical assistence are in compliance with Directive 686/98, RDC 167/04, NBR ISO 9001:2000 and NBR ISO 13485:2004. Aiming to act in social programs and taking advantage of playing a role in health area, WAMA Diagnóstica participates in TOP 500 Program from CENTRO INFANTIL BOLDRINI. This program aims the treatment and research for cancer and hematological diseases in children and adolescents. WAMA Diagnóstica, aware of its social responsibility, hopes to contribute for a better life for such people.