Walk Easy Inc

Endorse Company

Founded by a husband and wife team, Walk Easy was predicated on improving existing walking aids, with a focus on the forearm crutch. After all, this ambulatory aid clearly dominated most parts of the Western World. Bringing a new product to market was difficult enough; altering people's perceptions proved immensely more challenging. The underarm (or axillary) crutch had rooted itself deeply into people's minds as the aid of choice for the short-term patient.Time and again, we were told that "forearm crutches were only for the long-term physically challenged." We countered that since they used them every day, "wouldn't you think they'd know better?" The first order came mid-April, called in by the wife while on a sales trip to Northern California. The Orthopaedic Appliance Facility at a San Francisco university liked the crutches and wanted 6 pairs by the following week. The order processing software was still shrinkwrapped and on the shelf. As we grew, we remained resolute on the importance of customer service and satisfaction. We realized early that we must strive to deliver on expectations and, whenever possible, exceed them.