VMG Medical

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VMG Medical offers Pain Management products and classes promoting proactive health and wellness. Beverly Sweetman, P.T. is a co-owner of VMG Medical, and owner/director of Body Ease Physical Therapy Centre both located in Staunton, Virginia. Sweetman is known internationally for the Sweetman Technique, her dynamic three-dimensional evaluation of fascial and connective tissue. Her focus, as a physical therapist, is on treating patients with chronic conditions and soft tissue dysfuntions.Wallace Lossing, C.O., C.Ht., M. Ht. is co-owner of VMG Medical, and founder and past CEO of Lossing Orthopedics, a company that was a pioneer in the traction industry. Lossing is an inventor in the orthotic field, known for several acclaimed lumbar and cervical treatment programs as well as several widely accepted medical devices, including the Backtrac, the Necktrac, the Facil-A-Trac, and co-developer with Sweetman of the Geisha Back. He is a past member of the American Back Society and the International Back Pain Society.