ViTel Net (Visual Telecommunications Network Inc)

Endorse Company

ViTel Net has pioneered the development of healthcare technologies that allow clinicians to remotely treat and manage patient health regardless of geographic and time barriers. Through its unique technologies, ViTel Net offers a broad range of standard and configurable Telehealth solutions for use in remote diagnostics, connecting primary hospitals with specialists located at tertiary level institutions. Our experts have experience in turn-key solutions which has allowed us to expand around the globe.As a world leader in developing healthcare technologies for both the commercial and government sectors, we are able to build long-term relationships with leading healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and healthcare providers globally. ViTel Net's brand recognition throughout the US Department of Defense has allowed us to lead the industry since 2000 and has resulted in Congressional research initiatives to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare to United States military and non-military sectors. With a proven history of success in the exciting and evolving field of Telehealth, ViTel Net is uniquely positioned to maximize value from ongoing technological advances — and transfer that value to the success of your business.